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By using technologically advanced solutions, we offer well developed telecommunications and teleinformation services. We provide a wide range of services from the analysis of the clients’ needs, through the realization and configuration, up to the essential service after finishing all the works.
audio-visual systems
In order to meet the clients’ needs, we have introduced many audio-visual solutions, which help companies in everyday work. The norm, which becomes more common, is using audio-visual systems during conferences, commercial meetings and the possibilities to monitor all of them.
The business activity of our company is connected with IT trade in almost every plane. That is why in selecting our experts, we not only consider their qualifications but also openness and imagination while carrying out projects.
inspection and supervision
An effective inspection and supervision of entrance will unable to enter without authorization. Our company offers modern alarm and monitoring devices and provides help after the order processing.
electrical engineering
Growing prices of natural resources and increasing of social maturity and awareness about the natural environment have caused the development of facilities management. We offer to our clients a wide range of intelligent systems based on new technological solutions, which help in everyday life.
the construction industry
Well developed services of our company and experienced staff allows us to provide a wide range of building services. Our work is based on creating and managing projects. We also posses technical supervision of the trade.