• Consultancy

    Out of the concern of our clients we provide consultancy as far as the possessed competence is concerned. In order to create a target product, the qualified stuff makes its whole knowledge and experience available to its client. We analyze all the needs and the situation of our clients providing them relevant piece of information.
  • Design

    Among all our services we are able to incorporate many designs. By sharing our experience and knowledge we create reliable networks and systems, as well as architectural designs. Relying on the cooperation with us, we will give you the range of proposed solutions, what you have not yet thought about.
  • Performance

    By the completion of designs we provide our clients with the whole range of services from the consultancy to the realization. We use only the newest and reliable technological solutions, which together with the competence of our staff provide the best quality. Electrical engineering systems, audio-visual and architectural designs created by us are the source of considerable benefit for the companies and individuals that cooperate with us. We do not limit ourselves only to possessing abilities. We are open for the clients’ needs and we aspire to satisfy all their requirements.
  • Outsourcing

    We specialize in creating and operating systems essential for accurate working of companies. We concentrate on the needs and expectations adjusting appropriate technical means to suitable actions.
  • Training courses

  • B&R services

    Thanks to the B&R service our registered users have an access to extra possibilities. Additionally, they receive an item of information about any training courses and enterprises organized by our company. After log-in to the system you will receive an access to individual projects and systems made specifically for an indent.
  • Products

    DMX Driver: E2D (ethernet to DMX converter) - datasheet